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Keeping constant track of informational environment, events and hot topics, collection of relevant publications, which influence strategic decisions by company management, represents a labor-intensive task. Quickly disseminating incorrect information, baseless criticism or simply defamation may subsequently be republished by other mass media and various services, which can result in serious financial damage to companies.

Main functions:

  • Retrieve and deliver publications containing the name of a company, names of its leaders and employees, and other materials, where the objects of monitoring are mentioned
  • Aggregate publications from sources, the customer is interested in
  • Form personalized newsfeeds or sets of publications, which coincide with the subject of professional activity, for each employee of the company or for the whole department
  • Generate stat reports on topics, the user is interested in
  • Alert and deliver the users new materials via e-mail or SMS
  • Effective information search in the database of publications

Reducing expenses for informational provision and monitoring of business-critical information is inseparable from automation of collecting, structuring, search and analysis of key information.

The automation of process, high relevance of retrieved information to search criteria can minimize the influence of human factor, which is inevitable when using common methods of search and selection of information.

With the help of "UNIAN-Monitor" services, based on Web-Observer technology, developed by Finport Technologies Inc., you'll be able to perform quality monitoring and efficiently receive the necessary news.

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