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 Benefits and advantages

Only specialized information monitoring system "UNIAN-Monitor" can provide actual and timely extraction of publications, as it searches fresh information in real time rather than with weekly intervals.

Usage of project services allows to:

  • Automate the processes connected with collection, structuring, accumulation of publications and monitoring of information environment;
  • Notify the user about new information, which coincides with the subject of his/her interest;
  • Work within the same information environment for all employees;
  • Minimize expenses for dataware, information search and processing;
  • Obtain the base and tool kit for analytical research.

Configuration of the system to important for a user information sources, flexible customizable multi-layer filters allow to exclude "information trash" from the database and notification messages.

The distinctive features of the product include:

  • Efficiency of articles retrieval
  • Relevancy and comprehensiveness of materials
  • Fast and relevant search in the database of publications, which takes into account the basic language morphology
  • Generation of stat reports
  • Personalized delivery of news alerts
  • Option of marking the top-priority articles and adding comments to them
  • Absence of regional limitations in access to the system and database of publications

Using the services of the project, the users receive the database of publications and tools for analytical researches and information flow management. "UNIAN-Monitor" is a cost and time efficient way to improve the conventional forms of market research and analysis.

Remember! Elimination of the consequences of belated and poorly prepared decision will cost you much more expensive than usage of advanced information technologies.

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